Best Book Ever

I am not a person who is in to reading, but there was one book that I read twice and would love to read again. It is A Tail Dark and Grim. The book was so good. It is about that old story of Hazel and Gretel. You think you know what happened, but you have no idea. There’s kings and queens, witches, dragons,warlocks, and even the devil. It is a book that when you read it you don’t want to stop because it is so intense and very graphic. There will be blood gore and foul beasts. I book you will not wont to miss out on.

My Favorite Mistake

Blood was dripping down my forehead. I could feel the warm, red gush of blood. I couldn’t believe I was running with my eyes closed. I thought it would be fun to play tag with my eyes closed. I could hear one of the people playing tag with me so I started running toward the sound. Thinking I could catch him, not thinking about what Could happen or what I can run in to BAM! and then it just happened.
I was dizzy and everything was blurry. I couldn’t get up. Red warm blood was every where. My mom rushed over to see what happened. I couldn’t talk because I was shock. My mom rapped me up with an old shirt she found in the back of the car and rushed me to the car. I learned from this experience to never run with your eyes closed.

My family Christmas

One of my favorite family traditions is on Christmas Eve. We Would go to my grandmother house for Christmas and we would all wait very anxiously until 12:00 at night and then we would all open our Christmas presents one by one. Last year we actually did Christmas at mas


About a month ago It would not stop raining and I loved it! I got to play football in the cold fresh rain. I was really hoping the loud crash of thunder or sudden strike of lightning would not happen because then we couldn’t play football anymore The rain felt so nice until it stopped. After it stopped it felt sticky & dry. T tried to stay inside because I didn’t want to be in the sticky mist, but beside all of that stuff the rain was awesome.