Expository Writing

“He lines up to take the kick—he shoots—he scores!” Soccer an be a very exciting sport.
To start with it’s exiting when you score. For instance when you strike the ball perfectly and you score. “When I score I feel like I am on top of the world.” Without a doubt scoring a goal is my favorite part of soccer.
What’s even more exiting is when you are taking a penalty kick. For example when you line up to take that kick the whole crowd is watching you. Butterfly’s start to grow in your stomach and your heart starts racing. “As I line up to take the kick I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.” No matter what position you play in soccer you will always get a chance to score.
There is a lot I have learned from playing soccer for 6 years. The main one is that you must point your toe when you kick and I am pretty sure you must bring your leg as far back as you can to get good power. As you could probably tell that in general scoring in any sort of way is exciting. All in all with no if or buts about it soccer is the most exciting sport I have ever played.

My Favorite Mistake

My mom turned around like she heard a gunshot. Red warm blood was dripping down my forehead. My brother looked at me and was speechless. I could taste the salty, bitter blood crawling in to my throat. I don’t know why I thought it would be fun to play tag with my eyes closed.
I was dizzy and everything was blurry. My hole body was numb and I couldn’t get up. blood was every where. My shorts were soaked in blood. My friends were freaking out as they saw the blood spewing out my head. I felt like a professional baseball player had hit a home run off my forehead. My mom rushed over to see what happened. I couldn’t talk because I was in so much shock. My mom rapped me up with an old shirt she found and rushed me to the car. Since then I have always laughed at my self for making that mistake. I learned from this experience to never run with your eyes closed.