Team Death Match Airsoft

my dad said “go.” You could everybody run off. I went strait up my balcony to snip people as they passed by with my shotgun. People were going from all over left right and all a round. I got a shot on one of there players right in the back. Then I try to go for another but I dropped my shotgun. I picked up and the gun was broken. That didn’t stop me. I grabbed my pistol and ran around the house. I had a clear shot on Alan. I got him right in the head. It was perfect. There was still two guys left and it was just me. they had one of my team mates. I went around the house and I saw them. Timmy was holding my team mate by the neck so I Ran out and shot Asher in the head. Then I shot Timmy right in the side with out hitting my team mate. I won the game for my team and ONLY with a pistol.

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