All tied up

Only two minutes in the game and It was all tied up. I was breathing heavier and heavier as I waited for the kick of. My team mate slowly kicked the ball in front of me. I took the ball. Thinking that I might stumble over my self. I saw the first defender. His eyes were staring directly in to mine as clenched his teeth at. He was big— very big. I didn’t know what to do. “Should I could right no no, the left” I thought in my head. I didn’t know what to do. Then it just happened. I kicked the ball strait through his legs. I could see his eyes bulk up like he hadn’t known what happened. I was astonished. Now it is just me and the goalie—or so I thought. I could hear my ankle snap. It felt like it had been crushed by boulder. It stung like hot sand on your bear feet. I couldn’t believe it. He slide tackled me from behind. It was a penalty. Coach asked if a need a sub, but I said no.
I lined up just 18 yards away from the goal. The only thing from this ball getting in that goal was that keeper. He knelt down getting ready for the shot as I stretched my aching ankle. My whole body felt num. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my whole life. I could hear no one. It was just me and the goalie. I was bit my lip so hard it started to bleed. I ran to the ball struck it with my pointed foot perfectly. The ball started to turn to the right. The goalie reached out as far as he could, but it was just to far. Before I knew it I could here the crowd screaming with joy. “I Made it! I made it!” I screamed. My teammates were cheering as they lifted me into the air we finally did it. We one the championship.

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